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Cookie Run: OvenBreak is a 2D endless runner where you play a gingerbread man who has to run away as fast as possible from the witch's oven. Along the way, of course, you have to avoid tons of obstacles and also collect some candy as you go.

The controls in Cookie Run: OvenBreak are standard for the genre: on the left side of the screen is your jump button (you can also double-jump) and on the right your button to slide on the ground. You have to jump to avoid the obstacles on the ground and slide to avoid the ones overhead.

Throughout the various levels in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, you'll find tons of gummies, chocolates, and other sweets. Thanks to all these different candies, you have the chance to unlock more than 60 additional characters.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak is a really fun endless runner with attractive graphics and a foolproof gameplay. Not very original, but still extremely addictive.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.